Web no longer means desktop. We deliver your web applications for all devices, from small screen to big screen.

At Inloop, our web development methodology ensures that we work closely with our clients to fully understand what is needed. We then develop customised backend applications capable of supporting your business needs, ensuring user-friendly interfaces, easy deployment, secure and most importantly, cost effectiveness.

We can work with your development team to complete a project, or start from the requirements analysis stage and take responsibility for the whole development cycle all the way to maintenance.

Implementation Processes & Activities:

  • Business Process Definition
  • Requirements Gathering and Analysis
  • Application Design and Development
  • Testing, Training and Implementation
  • Post Implementation Support & Documentation
  • Data Migration from Source Systems
  • Monitoring and Maintenance

Dev stack

We’re using modern technologies which help us to enhance our development process. Best digital projects require technology that perfectly supports the design. We rely on the right tools, not an all-in-one tech stack. Our web solutions are based on complex isomorphic development stack that consists of React.js, React Router, Redux, Webpack, Babel, CSS Modules, Node.js web-server. Javascript code we produce is written is newest ES6 and ES7. We’re maintaining our own set of ESLint rules to keep high quality and readability of our code.

In cooperation with our design team we’re creating mobile-friendly, accessible web applications. We cover whole lifecycle, from composing wireframes to product’s analytics.


React stability – Excellent developers base with approximately 1000 contributors and regular releases. It’s used by Airbnb, BBC, CNN, Dropbox, IMDb, Instagram, Netflix, Salesforce, The New York Times, Reddit, Twitter, Uber, Whatsapp, WordPress, Yahoo, etc.

Strong Migration Path  – React can be used in small areas in any existing page. This allows developers to migrate very easily.

Performance  – React is using patterns which makes it difficult to write bad, slow performing code. It’s using Virtual DOM and eliminates direct interactions with browser’s DOM.

Server side rendering – Allows rendering on server and on client. It’s easy to send rendered page from server to browser which means SEO is achieved.

Reusable components – Each component has its own lifecycle. The creation of reusable isolated components is easy. This extremely improves code reusability.

Dev tools – React has DevTools extensions which allow to debug each piece of UI and provide information about component’s state, performance and flaws.

Understandable Code  – Uni-direction data flow. All data in an application follows the same lifecycle pattern, making the logic of app more predictable and easier to understand.

Testing – Special React tests libraries like Enzyme. Components are isolated pieces of code and they’re easy to test. Reducers in Redux are pure functions and it’s not a problem to test them as well.


It’s Javascript

We can use the same language on server and client, and even share some code between them.

It’s fast

Node.js is a JavaScript runtime that uses the V8 engine developed by Google. It is very lightweight and allows to manage high loads, which makes it very suitable to handle peak season.


npm is fast, robust, and consistent package manager. It’s ever-growing pool of packages.


Integration of Websocket protocol is easy. Node.js server can push data to the client just as easily as the client can.