3D models, augmented reality & wearables

  • 3D interactive catalog
  • Major international motor shows app and support
  • Prototypes for car production environment and innovation center

Škoda Auto

Through our ongoing partnership with Škoda Auto, we have worked together in several diverse areas. Our interactive car catalogue applications for Android and iOS platforms, allow exploration of 3D models of Škoda cars, including 360 views of both interior and exterior. In addition, the applications provide videos, interactive features and specifications of the cars, to help customers get a comprehensive view of what’s on offer. Using similar technology and features, we are also creating iPad applications for major international motor shows to showcase new product launches, with onsite technical support provided at all events.

skoda interactive catalogue

We have created several other applications including backend systems, which have helped Škoda to discover new ways to support sales process or carry out innovative research into areas of car safety whilst on the road.

Not only have we worked on customer facing applications, but also in the production line departments, using emerging technologies such as 3D simulation and augmented reality to improve efficiencies.

skoda on car expo
ipad suitcase

Škoda stand on Frankfurt IAA Motor Show. Presentation of the new Superb with iPad-based kiosks running the catalogue app.

Ipad cases ready to roll for Frankfurt IAA Show. All fully synchronized and loaded with the Škoda custom catalogue app.

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