Long term cooperation

  • Organizing developer and designer workshops
  • Supporting Google on events na conferences
  • Consulting app and developer requirements


We have great relationship with Google guys since early days of our company. Over the years we have cooperated on several event, presentations, workshops and supported each other in different ways.

We have been participating and providing feedback with Application Developers Alliance. We have organized CodeWeek event for girls interested in Android programming. We are organizing technical workshop between Google designers and our customers. We are organizing Android developer meetups, where in fact, our company was born.

It is always a pleasure to cooperate with Inloop guys due to their passion for mobile apps and making things constantly better.

Rasto KulichRasto Kulich
Country Manager at Google, SK

There are plenty of ways to reach us.


1250 Borregas Avenue

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T: (650) 440 7297


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