and Virtual Reality

What is the difference?

Augmented Reality brings an opportunity to extend the view of the real world with virtual components like holograms. You can map real-world objects and extend the experience with additional information or insert new components into your field of view.

Virtual Reality displays a fully virtual, rendered 3D world. Everything you see is generated by a computer. At Inloop, we work with technologies that enable users to move and discover new and virtual objects or spaces.

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Augmented and Virtual Reality in by Inloop

AR/VR in Your Business

Augmented reality is ideal for the new generation of responsive maintenance, administration and user manuals. It can bring additional information to retail shops, enhances cultural experience in museums and galleries and can be widely used in logistics for selecting the right objects in the right time. Augmented reality employs either the AR headsets or any tablet and smartphone.

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The typical use of Virtual Reality is in the gaming and adult entertainment industries. However, virtual reality can be successfully deployed in traditional fields of business for the visualization of objects, such as your house, furniture, office spaces, and building concepts. Another effective use case is cost cutting on training and education via virtual training of industrial instruments and devices. Virtual reality is available on a variety of devices.

Real success stories from our clients

Tatra banka Augmented Reality Demo

In cooperation with Tatra Banka, we have proudly created the first ever demo version of the internet banking application for Microsoft HoloLens in Slovakia.

The application combines multiple new trends within banking digital technology and is dominated by voice control and hand gestures. The entire app will accompany the virtual assistant when clients wish to analyse their expenses and consult their finances. It also provides basic information on your account overview, account transactions via expenditure reports and the functionality to make payments by selecting a predefined beneficiary or by scanning a QR code from the invoice.

Augmented reality is the future of banking.

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HoloLens Penalty Shooter

HoloLens Penalty Shooter is a soccer simulator, where your ultimate task is to score as many goals, as possible, in the give time limit. Aim with your head movement on the moving target in the net, shoot using the hand gesture. The longer you hold the finger down, the more intensive your shot.

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SAMSUNG Penalty Shooter

Penalty Shooter is a catchy minigame where the player shoots the targets placed in the net. You can play with your friends and compare your skills and tactics in the stunning atmosphere of the Inloop Virtual Stadium with great audial and visual experience. Gear VR enables you to play the game directly without the need for any external controllers.

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Sygic Travel VR

The world of 360-degree photos and videos from all around the world is now available in your Gear VR. Just download our free app and enjoy the beauties of Tour de Eiffel, the majestic Louvre pyramids, or the stunning sunset in Berlin.

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Mercedes Augmented Reality

We have teamed up with Mercedes to showcase the abilities of augmented reality display models of cars. A similar system can be used in your showroom to provide the customer with a detailed selection of various models and configurations of your products in a practical and handy form.

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Triumph Augmented Reality Demo

The manual showcases the use of augmented reality by providing a new generation of manuals that allows the user to receive the information they need directly to the device they are currently using. The demo displays information regarding the controls on the panel of the motorbike, enabling the user to set parameters to the internal computer, and brings a 3D visualization of the motorbike directly to your tablet. Similar manuals can easily be built for AR glasses, still keeping the users hands free.

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List of devices

Inloop currently develops software for the devices below. Please don’t hesitate to confirm availability with our sales team for any platform not mentioned.

Typical Use Cases

Below is an overview of scenarios that are typical use cases for virtual and augmented reality systems. Our team would be pleased to discuss with you a solution that would fit your exact business requirements.

Augmented Reality

  • Area equipment visualization

    Plan the distribution of machines or devices in your premises or furnish the apartment with augmented reality before realization, saving you the time and effort of having to provide dummy objects and exhaustive drawings or 3D models of the space.

  • Ergonomic calculations

    Scan or set the workplace to appoint and display the boundaries, activities, and effective room for the operations within your team.

  • Maintenance guide

    Guide your technicians on maintaining or servicing your devices and tools by using the handsfree AR glasses. The system provides your team with the information on what to do, when to do it and what they need in order to perform the requested tasks directly in the glasses or on a tablet.

  • Next generation manuals

    Give your users a brand new way on how to become familiar with your products by introducing a fully visual and joyful manual to the AR glasses or tablet. Say goodbye to thick manuals and paper books!

  • Logistics

    Tired of using hand-held scanners to find necessities? With augmented reality your staff can be guided on how to locate the requested objects, how to check the product by scanning it, and where the inspected product is to be delivered, while simultaneously keeping their hands free.

  • Product showrooms

    Showcase your products with all the functionalities, animations, variations, and visualizations in the arranged real room, enabling your clients to interact with your team and the equipment in real time.

  • Advertising campaigns

    Are you planning to attend an exhibition or conference? Or maybe you’re organizing a workshop for your partners? Be sure to involve everyone in the future of your industry with breath-taking augmented reality using the Microsoft HoloLens or other AR devices.

Virtual Reality

  • Virtual training

    Save significant resources by training your new employees or by operatively training your experienced staff on your machinery or tools without the need to ship the device or transport people to required locations.

  • Virtual showrooms

    In a virtual showroom you can introduce all the models and variations of your portfolio in a single virtual space, anywhere in the world, without the need to ship the products to the area of interest.

  • Virtual reality games and gamification

    Do you like gamification and showing your products in a playful way? Virtual reality is the right choice to introduce such stunning experiences that will hold onto its user forever.

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