Our team of professionals with industry experience will bring your app to life, from consulting and UX/UI desing to back-end development.

Development of mobile applications is a matter of our heart. This applies to every member of the team from a developer to a tester.

We are constantly trying to improve. Each section of the source code that we create is verified by another developer (code review). We use automated and manual testing. We educate our people.

Mobile devices brought security risks. When developing applications, we put emphasis on safe solution and communication. Laptops and PCs used for application development are encrypted in case of loss or theft.


At the beginning we analyze and write down everything relevant to the project. We discuss the best solution closely with our customer.

Design and UX

We design modern application user interfaces according to our longterm experience and mobile platform unique speci cations. We work in accorance to vendor’s UI and UX best practices.


We write code, con gure and debug applications using latest tools and technologies specialized for mobile development.


We do strict code review automatically during the whole application development. At the end, the whole project goes through our quality control department and through the hands of sharp-eyed and highly skilled testers.

Application publishing

We stand by the customer during this important step and we make sure that the application starts its lifecycle smoothly in the application stores or customer’s internal environment.


The project doesn’t end with application delivery, we support the application and its future development according to customer’s needs. We also provide customers with tailored mobile market research.

We provide our customers with support after the completion of an application – we monitor possible errors, customer requirements, market news and trends, provide long-term support and fast response times.

We can talk the language of management, marketing and IT departments. We help you to understand what is important and we will show you the way how to achieve it. We have extensive experience and projects references across multiple sectors:

During the custom application development for our customers, we provide the complex portfolio of services – from initial concept to evaluation. Successful introduction of the new technology requires the right mix of strategic, business and technical knowledge as well as creativity.