Android and iOS mobile applications

  • Android and iOS platforms
  • Historical and statistical information
  • 100 charts and tables


Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries is an international organization of 13 oil-exporting developing nations that coordinate and unify the petroleum policies of its Member Countries. OPEC’s headquarters are situated in Vienna. The ASB (Annual Statistical Bulletin) is the result of OPEC’s longstanding commitment to enhance data transparency and support market stability. The main purpose of the ASB is to publish reliable up-to-date, as well as historical data about the global oil and gas industry. It is also an important reference tool for academics and researchers, policymakers and analysts, and many other people working in the energy industry. Since 2016, it has been available on OPEC’s website and has been annually released as a printed booklet.

Inloop transformed the ASB into a modern-looking and easy-to-use mobile application available on Android and iOS platforms. The app presents 120 pages of energy industry data packed with complex charts and tables with historic data in a user friendly manner.

Our UX experts managed to overcome the limitations of the small display on mobile devices so that the user can comfortably work with more than 100 charts and tables and easily understand and interpret the data, which is one of the most fundamental features of the application.

The app is equipped with a powerful search engine and bookmark management, designed by our excellent architects and developers, to quickly find necessary information and to enable the user to save it for later use. The application is fully operational without an internet connection which makes it an ideal source of information even while on the move.

Last, but not least, knowledge-seeking users can find geographical, historical and statistical information about each of OPEC’s member countries. The unit conversion calculator helps them quickly convert between different units standardly used in the energy industry.

The application was unveiled in November 2016 during the annual Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference (ADIPEC) in the UAE.