Facility management on the go

  • Effective and real-time task management
  • Decreased operational costs
  • Improved data collection and statistics

OKIN Facility

OKIN is responsible for carrying out complex facility management of many buildings across several countries, with customers submitting tasks for incidents and repair requests. Operators then assign those tasks along with regular maintenance tasks, to workers in field who receive them through the OKIN mobile application. The application allows different views for given tasks, changes to their order sand status, while also notifying them about upcoming events. Not only that, but the two-way system allows user to provide feedback back to operators and much more.

  • Flexible planning and communication.
  • Time savings from removing phone calls.
  • Minimized errors and miscommunication.
  • Operators are able use worker capacities effectively.
  • Maintenance workers have access to better and more up to date information.
  • System allows statistical evaluation and optimization.
  • Decreasing costs in areas where low margins are an issue.