Internal solution for factory QA management

  • Greatly reduced scrap reporting times
  • Decreased cost while increasing the number of checks
  • Minimized possibility of human error

Hyundai Mobis

In partnership with Mobis, a key supplier to Kia/Hyundai – we developed a bespoke Android app for quality management. Users are able to collect details about each line stop, piece of scrap or even IT problems. The app and data is synchronized with internal systems and databases, meaning that reporting is live for users and integrated fully with existing systems.


  • Faster process of data collection.
  • Standardization of terms across the company.
  • Human error minimization.
  • Expansion of checks to new areas.
  • Reduced number of tools (only mobile device).
  • Prevention of incomplete and ineffective checks.
  • Decreased costs and increased efficiency.