Microsoft partner for HoloLens development

  • Augmented reality leadership
  • HoloLens technology partner
  • Mutual conferences and workshops


As a Microsoft partner for HoloLens development, we often join our counterparts from Microsoft to attend and present during conferences, workshops, and presentations regarding the Microsoft application ecosystem, including augmented reality. Some common activities include showcasing HoloLens apps built by Inloop, conference presentations, workshops, as well as specific showcases for technology leaders within the region. The events below are just some examples of common activities with Microsoft Czech Republic and Slovakia:

  • 6.10. Workshop HoloLens Tech Event – Disruption Credit Suisse
  • 20.10. Common workshop on HoloLens at Microsoft Services Club
  • 30.11. Common HoloLens workshop on Digitální Festival České Spořiteny
  • 14.12. Presentation and workshop at Elektronická identifikace a bezpečnost ve zdravotnictví – KAPSCH conference with focus on health and e-health
  • 7-9.2. ShowIT – largest IT pro conference in Slovakia

Planned activities

  • Common Workshop on HoloLens at the prestigious international conference ISSS focused on public administration reform, e-government development and society informatization
  • KPMG Finance Forum 27.1.