Bluetooth pairing and voice recognition software

  • Team integration
  • Wearables
  • Bluetooth pairing and voice recognition


Intel as a company doesn’t need any introduction, but it’s safe to say that as a hardware manufacturer, it is jumping on current trends and getting more involved in the latest wearable devices. Inloop was very fortunate enough to have played a crucial role in the company’s mission to become the leading innovator in wearables. By hopping onto Intel’s project at the last minute, our team was not only able to integrate efficiently within the existing team but to also meet unthinkable deadlines and deliver top code quality alongside Intel’s standards.


As a whole, the team’s productivity was boosted by transferring our team to Intel’s offices in Santa Clara and also by inviting their team to our offices in Prague. This way we were able to understand crucial issues with features like bluetooth pairing and voice recognition and to add our innovative ideas to the project.