Complete mobile banking

  • Full control of your bank accounts
  • Document scanning for quick orders and backup
  • Card and loan management

Air Bank

Inloop provided full service including analysis, design, development and project management for Android and iOS applications.

Air Bank mobile banking is an application that provides complete control over your bank accounts, with all the important functions, just a touch away. The smart overview shows all accounts and balances, while the loan offers functions allows customers to immediately view existing loans along with, how much the user could potentially borrow.

  • Scan invoices and prefill the payment or save online.
  • Overview of balance and all payments.
  • Preview all cards belonging to the current account.
  • Templates and sorting transactions in groups.
  • Card overview shows card design.
  • Card detail includes the limit and blocking option in case of loss or theft.
  • Find a branch of Air Bank or an ATM of any other bank.
  • Live exchange rates and contacts, with the option to call or email.