We are building long-term relationships with our customers. We care about people, both our partners and employees, while working on mobile applications together.

Martin Adamek
CEO & Co-founder

About Inloop

Inloop is a privately held company based in the US and Europe, focusing on mobile application development and consulting. Our services cover all phases of development for mobile applications, web, and AR/VR. We cover the whole process, from design and development to testing and ongoing support.

Many of our 130+ employees have dedicated themselves to mobile application development since the inception of modern mobile platforms, with the majority of our employees already developing applications for more than 5 years.

We are committed to contributing to the open source community, as well as being supporters of remote working. We believe that to keep the best people, it’s important to give them meaningful work and a great environment.



We work with car producers for production lines, marketing, aftersales and research departments.

Business Processes

We are improving efficiency through data collection, cost optimization and analytics through our apps.


We have created several banking applications. Security and innovation are driving forces here.


From TV and messengers, to security and games, we have experience in all areas of mobile development.

Focus on customer and long-term relationship

We strive to become a long-term and reliable partner for our clients, someone who is always trying to find the best solution, while also maintaining the ability to implement new technologies and to innovate.

We can talk the language of management, marketing and IT departments, allowing us to work together to understand what is important, then find a way to achieve it together. We have extensive experience and project references across multiple sectors.

We provide our customers with support after completion of the development – we monitor possible errors, whether customer needs are met, market news and trends, providing long-term support and fast response times.

We are constantly trying to improve. Each section of source code that we create is reviewed by another developer, using both automated and manual testing. We educate our people and constantly improve our codebase, to prevent the accumulation of technical debt.

We care about our customers’ data and we are strongly aware that mobile devices can bring extra security risks. This is why, when developing applications, we place an emphasis on safe solutions and communication. The computers we use for application development are encrypted and self-hosted server environments allow us to protect code, documents and builds.